Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Hand Quilted Gems

I'm definitely still in the inspired mode from our visit to the quilt show and workshop sponsored by Zion Mennonite Church last week.  What a wonderful treat to see all these beautiful hand quilted treasures.  You can read more about the quilt show and see the first installment of photos here.

And now, here are some additional beauties.  There was a great abundance of embroidered and appliqued quilts in this show, both vintage and contemporary, and some great vintage accessories as well.
Another favorite, beautifully quilted, with great outlining of the embroidered blocks (next photo).  I don't have an estimated date in my notes for this one.

A hand embroidered baby quilt from 1966.

And another from the 1970s.

A kaleidoscope baby quilt dated 2004.  Love the stuffed critter standing guard!

And this sweet pair, in their vintage high chair!

Quilted kitty comforter.

This dogwood quilt has exquisite tiny hand quilted stitches - at least 12 per inch. 

These yo-yos were made in the 1940s and the little wall quilt completed in the late 1990s.  The muted fabrics are lovely.

Royal Cross wedding quilt made in 2005.

A Feathered Star wedding quilt, also contemporary.  Our cameras both failed to capture the background fabric which appears very faded in the photo.  It is actually a nice charcoal shade.

This flower basket quilt was hanging too high for us to note any information.  It appears to be a recent quilt.

Triple Irish Chain - date not given.

I love the movement in this quilt!

And, last but certainly not least, this recent quilt made from 1930s reproduction fabrics, except for one patch, which I certainly could not discern!  What I really loved about this one were the whimsical appliqued flowers placed in the center of the white blocks.   Totally charming!

I hope you're having a great weekend, and that you loved seeing these photos as much as we enjoyed our visit to this quilt show.  Definitely a repeat visit is in order next February! 


  1. Okay, I admit I probably didn't enjoy seeing them on your blog as much as you enjoyed seeing them in person and getting to touch them--but you can not begin to guess how much I love seeing them nor can you imagine all the memories they bring back to me. Thank you so very much for attending the show and sharing so many wonderful quilts with your readers!

  2. Thanks for posting these lovely pictures! Love seeing these beauties. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing such fabulous photos of the show. It was really nice to see all of those hand quilted quilts. Very inspirational and beautiful.

  4. So many delightful quilts. I'd have to say that the dogwood quilt was the most eye-catching to me of this batch.

  5. Lovely. Of course, I love the cats.

  6. It's always so inspiring to see the care and attention yesterday's quilters gave to their projects! I just love seeing those sweet embroidered quilts. It's good to see embroidery making a comeback in the quilting arena!


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