Monday, June 4, 2012

A few of my favorite (sewing) things

Do you have a favorite sewing collectible?  Vintage rick-rack, laces, 1930s feed sack fabrics, etc.?  My vintage Singer collection began about 15 years ago when we were out looking for an inexpensive bedside stand, and DH spotted a suitable table with Queen Anne legs in an upstairs corner of a local second-hand shop.  We soon discovered said table was a sewing stand complete with a vintage black Singer machine inside.  Priced at $20.25 (everything in the shop had that 25 cent extension).  We asked if the machine was in running condition and the proprietor obligingly carried it downstairs for us since there were no electrical outlets in the upstairs of that huge old barn.  We plugged it in and it purred.  Sold!  That machine turned out to be a 1951 Singer 201 Centennial edition - often reported to be one of Singer's best models.  Still my favorite go-to machine for piecing and general sewing, it was later joined by a 1952 Featherweight, then other Singer models ranging from a 1907 treadle to the early 1960s 401 and 503 Rocketeer models.

So, how to decorate a sewing room housing all these vintage beauties?   More vintage Singer, of course, plus other vintage textile related lovelies!   Here are a few of my favorites:  vintage magazine ads, early postcards, needle cards, etc.

Page from McCall's April 1929 issue, featuring the Singer Library Table with a new electric Model 101 machine.

Needle cards ranging from early 1920s through 1950s.

Early Singer postcards with vintage lace mounted on fabric, with 1950s frames from my parents' home.

Full page ad and close-up, Good Housekeeping April 1945.  Love this ad!

So, do you have a sewing or quilting collectible?  What makes you smile when you walk into your sewing room or nook?

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  1. I have a stack of finished quilts that I see everytime I walk in. They make me smile. Of course I would smile more if they sold in my etsy shop like they're supposed to, but they still make me smile.


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